Testimonials from Our Clients


We have peace of mind knowing that our business needs are handled by the professionals at Accounting Plus. 

No question or problem is too large or small for Denise. Payroll Specialist Irene and Quickbooks Expert Tracy are always prompt resolving any issues we might have. As a matter of fact, ALL the personnel at Accounting Plus go out of their way to assist in any way possible! We are thankful to have them on our team!”

– Mark & Jeanne Crowley, Owners, Palmer Painting Inc



“Accounting Plus takes away the headache of dealing with things like IRS rule changing, which can be too time-consuming for a small business.

They’re easy to work with, and they take care of everything we don’t have time for. We’ve always been with Accounting Plus, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

– Charles & Vicki Lynch, Owners, I.B. Nuts and Then Some, Inc.



“I have been working with Accounting Plus since their beginning and have enjoyed watching them grow.

I can tell you that they named the company correctly: The “plus” in Accounting Plus really means loyal, friendly, professional, accurate, joyful, caring, appreciative, patient, concerned, and the list goes on.

– Jack Palmer, Real Estate Broker Palmer & Associates, 443STOP



“Customers rely on us every day to assist them in times of trouble. In turn, we rely on Accounting Plus every day to keep our business out of trouble.

As small business owners, we wear many different hats to ensure our company runs smoothly and profitably. With so much to do each day, being able to count on Accounting Plus to take care of our monthly bookkeeping, annual tax preparation, and payroll processing needs is a necessity. We can call them and they will assist us right then and there.”

- David & Paula Debates, Owners, Tiger Towing



“Accounting Plus is an integral part of running our business. From quarterly taxes to mid-year reviews, they have the answers to all of our questions and take the guess work out of being a business owner.

Denise and her team are dedicated, hard workers that make our life easier. We can truly say we wouldn’t be where we are today without Accounting Plus.”

- Andrew and Anita Lee, Co-Owners, ALI Tools, Authorized distributor of Matco Tools



“I have been using Accounting Plus for taxes, payroll and weekly bookkeeping services since I opened my business in 2003.

I can honestly say that without them, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you Denise and all the professionals at Accounting Plus who help me manage my numbers while I take care of my patients!”

- Dr. Sahba Jalali, O.D., Advanced Vision, LLC



“I’m always excited to see the faces at Accounting Plus. My accountant, Tracy, is always honest with me and Kristie at the front desk is so welcoming. Over the past five years, my relationship with Accounting Plus has evolved from a partnership to a friendship.

Some of their staff even came to my wedding reception. As a small business owner, I value that Accounting Plus continually looks out for my best interest as if it were their own.”

- Stuart Bernard, Owner, Outside Edge Landscape Design



“Most business owners aren’t accountants. Accounting Plus simplifies accounting so the average business owner knows what they’re talking about. Their staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with.

If we have a question about payroll, tax preparation or need business advice, Accounting Plus is always there to walk us through things every step of the way.”

- Brandon Beissenherz (left) and Rick Meyer (right), Columbia Deck and Fence



“From payroll to bookkeeping to taxes, Accounting Plus provides my company with up-to-date services and advice. 

MaidPro has expanded from Columbia to Jefferson City & Springfield; with Denise and her team at Accounting Plus we were able to be in control of our business growth. It is great to know they are just down the road and always ready to help.”  

- Bryan Leasure, CEO, MaidPro Personalized House Cleaning



When I started my business, I knew I wasn’t an expert in dealing with taxes or financial management, so I went to Denise at Accounting Plus. She took care of everything so that I could concentrate on my business.

Thanks to Accounting Plus, I don’t have to worry about quarterly taxes, year-end taxes or payroll.”

- Dave Kopriva, Owner, Dave's Painting


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