Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What's the key to a successful tax preparation appointment?

A: A little bit of preparation! By making sure you have all the materials you'll need in one place before you come in, you're setting yourself up for an efficient and informative consultation that brings you one step closer to a completed tax return. Check out our 7 things to bring with you to your personal tax consultation checklist.

Q: What's the status of my refund?

A: You can check the status of your state and federal refunds by checking the Missouri and Federal inquiry systems.

Q: How much do you charge?

A: Average tax prep in Missouri for an individual is $261. Our average is about half that price. However, please call us for an estimate so we can take your unique situation into account.

Q: Will I have to pay at the time of my appointment?

A: Yes, you will need to pay at the time of your appointment. However, we do offer the option to have
the fees come out of your refund for an additional bank fee.

Our Services

Accounting Plus, Inc. is a widely-respected Columbia MO accounting firm offering a full range of financial services for both businesses and individuals. We make a point of getting to know our clients and developing customized plans to meet their individual needs.

Learn more about or wide range of services, which include:

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How to prepare for your tax appointment:

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to taxes! Use these handy resources to get ready to come in and meet with an Accounting Plus specialist.

Download our printable checklist of what to bring to your individual tax consultation so you know exactly what you need to be prepared.
Download our more comprehensive Personal Tax Organizer PDF if you're familiar with the process and want an even more in-depth checklist.

Please contact us if you have any questions about preparing for your appointment.
Don’t have an appointment scheduled? Give us a call at (573) 445-3805!

Tax Season Tips

Tip #1: Be the Early Bird

Bring your paperwork is as soon as possible. We can help you get your paperwork filed and "taxes" checked off your list!

TIP #2: Business Owners File Early

Remember that S-Corporations and C-Corporations must file by March 15th; Partnerships are due April 15th.

Tip #3: Secure your identity.

Questions about identity theft? Find Answers to these common questions at the IRS Guide to Identity Theft:

  1. What is tax-related identity theft? 
  2. What are the warning signs of identity theft?
  3. What steps do I need to take if I become the victim of identity theft?
  4. How can I reduce my risk of identity theft?

Tax Extensions

Can I file an extension and what does this mean for me?

As an individual, we have to file our personal taxes by April 15th. However, if for some reason you cannot file your return by April 15th, you can file an extension. This will give you 6 months to FILE the return, until October 15th.

This does not extend the TIME TO PAY. If you owe on your taxes, the balance is still due April 15th. But by filing the extension you can avoid certain penalties (like the Failure to File penalty).

We always recommend you try to file by the original deadline, but sometimes you have to extend because of certain things outside of your control and that's okay. 

As a business owner of an  S-Corporation or C-Corporation you will have to file your Business return by March 15th; Partnerships are due April 15th. If you file an extension this gives you until Sept 15th to file your business return.

Which Version of QuickBooks is Right for My Business?

QuickBooks is a handy software that helps business owners keep their finances organized.Even if you don’t have an accounting background, QuickBooks is streamlined to help you stay on top of your payments, bills, and more.

We highly recommend using QuickBooks software to the small businesses we work with.

There are a few different options: QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Desktop, which offers ProPremierEnterprise and Mac versions. Each is suited to different needs; which is right for you?

QuickBooks Desktop Options

QuickBooks Desktop is the traditional version of QuickBooks. It’s a software application you purchase and load onto your computer which houses all of your content in one place. There are a few different options you’ll be looking at:

QuickBooks Pro

This is the most basic version of the QuickBooks desktop software which lets you track your business expenses, invoicing, and more.

QuickBooks Premier

Premier offers the same features of Pro but is suited specifically to your industry. For example, if you’re a contractor you can use the Contractor version of QuickBooks Premier to have common needs contractors face pre-built for you.

QuickBooks Enterprise

Enterprise is built for companies that have a large number of products (over 10,000 inventory items) or employees and need to track a large amount of data.

QuickBooks Mac

This version of QuickBooks Pro is formatted specifically for Mac computers. If you have a Mac, you’ll want this one!

QuickBooks Online

Choosing an online version of QuickBooks comes with lots of perks: You can access your content from any device (like your smartphone or tablet), input info from anywhere, and even “invite an accountant” to give them a special login to access your records.

Many people are geared toward QuickBooks Online because of this flexibility.

QuickBooks Online has almost all of the same features as desktop versions of the software and has continued to improve in recent years. You can choose from QuickBooks Online Simple StartEssentials, or Plus to find the  best fit for your small business, or QuickBooks Online Self-Employed for a freelancer or contractor.

While any version of QuickBooks can help small businesses manage their books, there will be a best version for you We’re certified as QuickBooks Pro Advisors to help you determine what’s going to be best for your needs. We’re happy to help!

If you're ready to talk about getting help with your small business accounting and taxes, we're here for you. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us today and together we can figure out what's best for your business.

Become a QuickBooks expert – learn from our Certified ProAdvisors.


We offer QuickBooks classes to make you an expert. Sign up for one of our upcoming classes to learn from our certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors.


How to Register as an LLC in the State of Missouri

Maybe you’re launching a brand-new business and are psyched to get started. Or perhaps what started out as a hobby for you is now evolving into your full-time income and you’re ready to take the leap.

In either case, you may be looking at registering your business as an LLC (limited liability company).

There’s one big thing to keep in mind when you’re looking to register as an LLC: Lots of paperwork!

Any time you register an LLC, you’ll need to file paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office to have your company recognized by law. The Secretary of State’s office is responsible for creating and maintaining filings all organizations doing business in each state, including LLCs. So to do business here in Missouri, LLCs must file with theMissouri Secretary of State.

While registering an LLC isn’t an overwhelming process, you will be facing quite a bit of paperwork and proper legal terminology, so get ready!

Let’s get going:

1. The first thing you’ll need is your own business name. 

An LLC in Missouri must contain the words “Limited Liability Company,” “Limited Company,” “LLC” or “LC” in its name. Additionally, your name must be different from the names of other businesses that are already filed with the Secretary of State. (Check for availability at the  MO Secretary of State’s business name database). Note that while you’re filing paperwork to form your LLC, you can reserve your businesss name using the Application for Reservation of Name.

2. Next comes the filing.

Now you’ll need to file Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State’s office. This paperwork will include information about your business like its name, address, purpose and more. All forms can be found on the Secretary of State’s website and can be filed online or by mail. 

In theory, the process of registering as an LLC is simple. Just fill out some paperwork and you’re good. But! In practice, the many forms, legal jargon, and very particular order you must proceed in can create a big headache for business owners who just want to get their show on the road.

Fortunately, there are people who do this sort of thing all the time. People like us!

We help businesses with LLC setups frequently and know the process in and out. We can make sure your paperwork is filed correctly and with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed. We can guide you through using the correct wording, sort out all details you need to keep track of, and keep you organized from beginning to end.

If you need help setting up an LLC in the state of Missouri, give us a call to set up a free consultation session! We’ll sit down with you to figure out the best fit for your business and get you on the right track.

Do you have questions about forming an LLC or other business entity? Let us know!