5 Great Articles That Will Help You Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is a scary issue that can make you feel helpless. But you don’t have to leave yourself exposed.

We’ve rounded up some great articles from around the web with concrete strategies you can take now to protect your personal information.

These 5 articles are filled with tips to help keep you, your family, and your business safe from identity theft. | Accounting Plus

10 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft (AARP)

Did you know you actually face a higher risk of identity theft from a stolen or lost wallet than from computer hackers? This article from AARP offers some easy tips to prevent this common kind of identity theft before it happens.

Ten Tips to Prevent Identity Theft and Protect Personal Information (NetSecurity.About.com)

In addition to great tips on preventing identity theft, find some strategies for taking action if you do fall victim to theft in this article.

How to Prevent Identity Theft in Your Business (Inc.com)

Falling victim to an attack as an individual is probably what first comes to mind when you think about identity theft. But businesses can also be at risk. This article has tips for keeping your business’s and customers information safe.

Here's How You Protect Your Kids From Identity Theft (NPR)

If your child’s identity is stolen, it can take years to find out. Check out these strategies to prevent children’s identities.

Tips to prevent identity theft when you travel (USA Today)

Travel is one area that can leave you vulnerable. How can you keep yourself safe while still having fun in your travels? Check out this helpful article from USA Today on prevention strategies while you’re out and about.

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