Nonprofit Accounting Services Are Different. Here's How We Help.

Nonprofits’ bookkeeping and payroll needs aren’t all that different than a for-profit business. But a nonprofit’s accounting needs can be significantly different than those of a business in many other ways.

Nonprofits have lots of accounting needs ?�payroll, bookkeeping, tax returns, and more. Here's why a local firm is going to be best for your nonprofit taxes and accounting services. | Accounting Plus

These differences often stem from the fact that nonprofits are structured differently than regular businesses in a few areas. For one, they’re often governed by boards rather than an individual owner. Additionally, they may have employees who are unpaid or are in volunteer positions. Nonprofits often need projections for the future and require reports on specific accounting metrics for donors and governing boards.

We handle accounting and bookkeeping services for nonprofits in Columbia, MO and in the mid-Missouri area. We’re a perfect choice for nonprofit accounting services for many reasons.

Here are a few reasons our nonprofit services are a perfect fit for your organization:

1. We adapt to your timeline needs.

Nonprofits have regular board meetings that convene quarterly or monthly. We know this and we’re flexible with deadlines: Say you have a board meeting on the 15th of every month. We can be flexible to deliver your monthly accounting report on the 10th so you have time to become familiar with it before presenting to the board. Instead of working with an inflexible firm that can only deliver your reports on the first or last of the month, we can adapt to your schedule to serve your needs best.

2. We streamline communication.

When you have a team of people running a nonprofit, it’s important that the communication is spot on to keep everything running smoothly. So when nonprofits request to have a single point of contact – and have all communication through just one staff member, we’re able to make that happen

3. We can help project your budgeting needs.

Nonprofits almost always must present future projections to their boards or donors. We can tailor our services to your needs to help create a budgeting projection for nonprofits with their eye on the horizon.

4. We’re payroll experts.

Nonprofits have payroll just the same as traditional businesses do. We’ve been expertly handling payroll for nonprofits for over a decade!

5. We serve the same community you do.

When you spend local, more of your money stays in the community you serve. We’ve been in Columbia for over two decades, enhancing the local economy, creating jobs, and building the community. Money spent locally creates local jobs and improves the community for everyone.

Choosing to partner with Accounting Plus for your nonprofit accounting and payroll lets you focus on your passion for community while we handle the tough details to keep you and your team on your mission. Get in contact with us today to set up a free consultation.