New Website Launch!

Welcome to the newly redesigned Accounting Plus website! 

We just finished a big web overhaul, and you’re looking at the results. Our old website served the basic purpose of a website well: it presented information about Accounting Plus services to the world online. But it was more about us than it was about you – and we knew it could be improved. 

For a few years, we had been wanting to update our website, but didn’t know in which direction we should head. We knew we wanted something more modern and easier to use, and finally decided to make the leap and redesign our online presence, using our clients’ needs as a compass.

We worked with one of our clients, a website design agency here in Columbia, MO, to overhaul our site, and are happy to finally present you with the results!

Our number one goal with this site redesign was to make resources more readily available to you – our clients! 

We want to use this website as a platform to empower you with knowledge about accounting and taxes, not just present information about our business. That meant overhauling our site structure and introducing more content tailored to your questions and needs.

We’re excited to present two big updates on this front:

• Help Center

Our new Help Center offers all of the helpful tax resources we often refer our clients to – like a calendar of important dates – in one place. 

• Learning Section

Learn is our dedicated hub for bringing you original online features that dig into common questions on everything from claiming your college-age child as a dependent to registering as an LLC in Missouri. We update this content regularly and would love to take your suggestions! 

Our new site will continue to grow, and we hope to continue to improve it using your feedback and needs as our guide. We hope you’ll find our new design more user-friendly, knowledge-driven, and modern.

Thanks for stopping by, and come back often!

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Avery Enderle Wagner