7 Items to Bring for a Successful Individual Tax Consultation

When it comes time to start getting ready for your personal taxes, prepared is exactly what you want to be. Tax season can seem like a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to. Just little bit of preparation beforehand can go a long way to making this tax season as seamless as possible.

So what’s the key to a successful tax preparation appointment?

You got it: just a little bit of prep!

By making sure you have all the materials you’ll need in one place before you come in, you’re setting yourself up for an efficient and informative consultation that brings you one step closer to your tax return.

To help out, we’ve rounded up the 7 things you need to bring with you to your individual tax consultation in one handy roundup and checklist. 

A little preparation goes a LONG way during tax season. This is a great list to have on hand for 7 things you need to remember to bring to your individual tax consultation! | Accounting Plus

1. All income forms for the tax year

There are a few different types of income forms, but the most common are W-2s, 1099-Misc income, 1099-R (retirement income), interest income, dividend income, and rental property income.It’s important to bring income forms for all types of income you received throughout the tax year to your consultation. 

2. Listing of expenses (itemized deductions)

Not everyone will have itemized deductions, but many people do. Itemized deductions might include:

  • Charitable donations

  • Education expenses or student loan interest paid

  • Property tax

  • Real estate tax & mortgage interest statement

  • Unreimbursed employee expenses

  • Medical expenses

  • Volunteer miles

  • Tax preparation cost from last year

3. Information pertaining to tax credits

This might include daycare expenses, college education expenses, adoption expenses, or home energy improvements.

4. Proof of health insurance for the tax year for yourself and dependents

Make sure to bring in information on the health insurance that covers you and any dependents. This will be either form 1095-A or form 1095-B and will be provided by your employer or the healthcare marketplace (healthcare.gov).

5. Copy of Last Year's Tax Return

It’s very helpful to bring in a copy of last year’s tax return to make this year’s return run more smoothly. If you’ve got last year’s return, bring it in with you!

6. Self-employed income and expenses

If you’re self-employed, your tax return is a little different than the returns of those who are not self-employed.

Make sure to bring in information on any income you made from self-employment (and any expense you incurred as well) during this tax year if you are a business owner, freelancer, rental property owner, or have farm income.See our tax organizer section for a listing of these categories!

7. Proof of identity and basic information for all individuals on the return

This is an easy one to slip your mind since you’re so focused on tax paperwork. But making sure you bring proof of identity – like a driver’s license, non-driver photo ID or military ID – ensures that we aren’t missing a crucial piece of information.

You'll also need to bring in key pieces of information for each person you’re including on your tax return: date of birth, social security number, and street address.

Keep all of these items handy with our quick checklist! 

Download this list as a PDF [click here!], keep it in safe place on Pinterest, or save this list to your computer to make sure you’ve got what you need when you meet with your accountant.

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