Celebrating 25 Years and Counting!

Accounting Plus is thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of being in business.

Denise Nelson and Tina Marso have grown their business from a small shop in Tina’s basement to an office on Business Loop. But how did it all start?

In 1992, Denise Nelson got the idea of creating a small accounting business called “Accounting Plus.” Because she came from an accounting background, Denise took an H&R Block tax class to learn more about taxes. Tina Marso was the instructor of that class. A partnership that would last over 25 years began that day.

Denise moved to Kansas CIty in the summer of ‘93, leaving the business she had dreamt up to Tina along with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax clients. Tina took the business into her home and worked out of her basement for 10 years. In those 10 years, it was unclear if Denise would return or if Tina would be the sole operator of Accounting Plus. By pure serendipity, Denise returned to Columbia as Tina was feeling that she might not be able to go at it alone any longer.

After reuniting in 2002, the dynamic pair grew their business from Tina’s house into an office space. In 2013 they moved into their current office located off Highway 70.

Tina and Denise bring different skills to the table which provides them with the best of both worlds, but both feel that they share the same work ethic and integrity.

While Denise and Tina have moved to two separate offices and taken on over 25 employees throughout these 25 years, they retain clients from what they affectionately call their “basement days.” Without the support of their clients, Tina and Denise couldn’t have built the stable and successful business that they take so much pride in today. Here’s to many more years just like these last 25.

Accounting Plus Team